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I wouldn't have thought so. filezilla seems to just be another ftp client, although It (directly or indirectly) requires a fair swag of gnu support libraries.

Tell us what "security dependencies" are mentioned as being out-of-date, and we should be able to help. (Oh, the actual error messages, please: It is not to much to attach a full script of the build attempt -
/usr/ports/java/jdk16$> script ~/javabuild.20080707
/usr/ports/java/jdk16$> make

=== Make runs, and either succeeds or fails ===
/usr/ports/java/jdk16$> ^D (that's <control>-d )
That will create a file (javabuild.20080707) in your home directory that you can attach to a post here, so we no longer have to guess what is going on.
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