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Default A few questions on OpenBSD?

I wasn't sure on how to word my subject.

I would like to dual boot XP, and OpenBSD. Here comes my question. I understand with XP, we have drive C for XP, and after that other drives as well. In my case, I have drive C for XP, and drive H for my downloads and such. Could I keep both drive C and H? A while ago, I was following a tutorial for OpenBSD. It didn't say to keep both drives because the tutorial was for OpenBSD installation. I was running low on disk space. I will get the size of my drives and post below. Oh, a few other things. I am new to *nix. I chose OpenBSD. In my other thread, I wanted FreeBSD, now I want OpenBSD. Also, I wanted networking. I don't think I want networking anymore. I am not sure.

Drive C- Total size 43.9GB Free space 38.4GB
Drive H- Total size 188GB Free space 185 GB
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