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Originally Posted by Ofloo View Post
The output of make update is just that it adds edits removes files from /usr/ports .. afterwards i do make fetchindex, ..
Correct. make update in /usr/ports and /usr/src works the same way: it only updates the files under /usr/ports and /usr/src.

Yes but when i have to update kernel and such i would want it to work, i shouldn't have to run portupgrade afterwards, of course I'm aware of portupgrade, I'm also aware of portsnap fetch update ..
When you update the world and kernel, you re-compile everything, and re-install everything (the make buildworld, buildkernel, installkernel, installworld steps).

To do the same for ports, you have to re-compile and re-install them, using a tool like portmaster.

See how they both work the same way, but you were skipping the steps for the ports?

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