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Originally Posted by miggel13 View Post
...I have upgraded with a new installation to 4.9.
Did you upgrade to a snapshot of 4.9-current or upgrade to 4.9-release?
I followed the steps under FAQ Section 5.3 but when I run

# cd /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf
# config GENERIC
# cd ../compile/GENERIC
# make clean && make depend && make

I get an error:
I suspect you have unknowingly downloaded either different (incompatible) branches or downloaded while the mirror was updating code itself. When downloading source (as root), the following is one correct way to download source to -current:
# cd /usr
# export
# cvs -d$CVSROOT checkout -P src xenocara
Here, I have specified both src & xenocara branches to be downloaded sequentially. A value of doing it this way is that it ensures branch synchronization. If you inconsistently specified CVS tags by including -rOPENBSD_4_9 or -rOPENBSD_4_9_BASE as additional cvs(1) parameters, this would also account for mismatched code.
  • OPENBSD_4_9_BASE represents the CVS tag used to label the source used for the CD sets. Once this branch is tagged, no changes are ever checked into it again. This branch is also known as OpenBSD-release.
  • OPENBSD_4_9_BASE represents OpenBSD 4.9-stable. If any public patches are made available to OpenBSD -release (mentioned in the errata page...), changes are checked into this branch.
  • No tag is required to get the head of CVS where all current development is taking place. This is also known as the -current branch.
It is very important to understand the table displayed in Section 5.3.2. If you did not follow this precisely, errors & inconsistencies will arise.
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