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Originally Posted by roddierod View Post
Not that this answers your question, but I use fbsetbg with feh and have been getting that error for the last month or so. I never stopped to figure out why because it does set the background for me.
I was thinking about using feh firectly ... without any useless wrappers.

Originally Posted by rex View Post
I installed eterm and my fbsetbg started working .
% egrep "^wpsetters" /usr/local/bin/fbsetbg

Originally Posted by killasmurf86 View Post
Ye, if i remember correctly fbsetbg uses (to set wallpaper) 1st program it finds that can set wallpapers...
perhaps you had none
... or maybe he installed the one that is not working anymore, Esetroot which is bundled with eterm package is first on the list.

I also do not encourage for use fbsetbg as a wrapper, better directly use feh or other wallpaper setter.
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