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I noticed something else odd here. I can print from Kate (the KDE text editor) just fine, but print jobs from Okular (the KDE PDF viewer) go nowhere. If I start Okular from the command line and try to print I get:
usage: lpr [-Pprinter] [-#num] [-C class] [-J job] [-T title] [-U user]
        [-Z daemon-options] [-i[numcols]] [-i[numcols]] [-1234 font]
        [-L locale] [-wnum] [-cdfghlnmprstv] [name ...]
When I send the print job. Which to me seems to indicate that Okular is using a bad syntax, but why Okular would be wrong when Kate is not is beyond me. I don't know where the print command options have been moved to in this new version of KDE, either...
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