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Default Solved ... I think [LONG]

I have now made it far enough that I can print from Okular and Firefox. Acrobat in Wine opens PDFs and stays open, but doesn't print (it says "no pages selected" when I try to print). Acrobat running non-Wine crashes when I try to open a file.

So in short, I can open a PDF in Okular and print it, which is success. I can print from Firefox as well, which is useful (although I broke linux-firefox).

Looking back through my logs, this is the order I went:

Before doing any of this, I cvsup'ed my full ports tree.

First, I tried to reinstall acroread9. It either failed or made no difference, I don't remember now which.

Then I tried to build CUPS. This failed with some annoying error that I didn't write down. I figured maybe CUPS wasn't the source of my misery since some apps were working, so I tried another approach.

Then I tried to reinstall acroread8 (figuring perhaps a different version would be less of a failure). This didn't solve any problems either.

Having noticed that linux-firefox was never printing, I tried reinstalling it. This made no difference, I'm not sure if it was even a different version than what I already had.

Something along the way clued me in to try glib20. I did that to address the CUPS error (although it didn't solve it on its own).

Having been very frustrated at this point I thought I would try to address the Wine issue, so I rebuilt and reinstalled it. This didn't help anything yet that I have seen.

Something in the CUPS errors hinted that maybe gnutls would be worth trying, which I did next. It didn't resolve the CUPS building problem but it seemed like a good idea.

A little more googling and I found a suggestion to rebuild cups-samba, which seemed odd to me since I don't use any samba shares on my network, but I went ahead and tried it anyways. I then did cups-client immediately afterwards.

With those built, I was able to successfully build and install the latest version of cups-base. For some reason "make deinstall cups-base" did not actually remove the old version from my system completely (still shows up in "pkg_info -aE | grep cups-base") but things seem OK anyways.

After all this (and one or more reboots to address my own frustration) I found I was again able to print from Okular. As I mentioned acroread is still a hopeless pile of fail on my system, so I took another swing at it.

I found a thread here (and elsewhere) that suggested linux_base-fc10 is poinson to acroread9, so I uninstalled it and installed linux_base-fc4 instead. This didn't fix the acroread problem, and now linux-firefox doesn't work, either. I'll probably open a new thread for that, later.

At any rate, I at least was able to restore printing functionality for the most important applications.
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