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The route flush just elimates all routes. dhcp recreates them.

dhcp is your problem here. You have two NICs that are given the exact same routing ... and both of those routes attempt to assign a default gateway. That's not right. Your routing table must only have a single default gateway for each family (inet, inet6, etc.).

You could, I suppose, set up a static address and manual routing.

I have never attempted to set up two NICs on the same subnet, so I am not sure off the top of my head what specific "route add" you should use. My guess would be to add 2.65 as the gateway (but not the default gateway) for that NIC, but I don't have an environment like yours replicated to confirm it. You could poke around with the route(8) man page and experiment, and probably come up with a solution faster than I could build an environment to match yours.
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