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This is a question about the above with 7.0-release, whether you have to have 7.0-stable or current.
When I try to load a page with flash content the system seems to hang, two npviewer.bin processes take up ~30% of WCPU in top, the remaining 30% are syslogd. It goes crazy and in /var/log/messages I find this crazy stuff. There seems to be some solution to this from some mailinglist:
Em Thursday 12 June 2008 07:55:55 Tsu-Fan Cheng escreveu:

hi all,
i have this weird log in my /var/log/messages, it keeps showing

Jun 12 06:53:36 kernel: linux_sys_futex: unknown op
Jun 12 06:53:36 kernel: 128
Jun 12 06:53:36 kernel: linux_sys_futex: unknown op 128

and it seems to have something to do with my flash plugin, as I kill
npviewer, this message goes away, does anyone know why?? thanks !!
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You may be running linux_base-f8 with 7.0-RELEASE, isn't it?

linux_base-f8 uses some futex functions present only in STABLE. To get rid of
it you could update to 7-STABLE, or, as I do, just copy linux_futex.c and
linux_futex.h from CURRENT or STABLE into sys/compat/linux and rebuild your
kernel, while keep using 7.0-RELEASE.

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So if I compile in this in a new kernel, would this imply that I get into the "risky-business" associated with stable and current. Or does this just affect the linux part of the programs running i.e. no total emergency?
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