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Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
Go ahead and make it.
I would if I could; but I am no artist.

> Shut up and hack!

Now, that's something I can do.

I sense an unwillingness to change the current theme, so before be bury this issue I would like to make a final point.

I agree with DD that the fbsd forum is a bit hard on the eyes but atleast it looks/feels 'alive'.
Going by the looks on this forum I feel as though it has no 'identity'.

If you were making your homepage would you use the free template that possibly a thousand others are using?
Or are you going to say that only content matters, nevermind that surfers don't care to give your page a second look?
Are you going to use the same blue-on-blue like theme?

Red is the colour of Fbsd and I suppose Obsd is yellow and Netbsd orange.

But one things for sure blue is 'not' the colour of BSD.

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