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da0 does not show up under dev either:

max@/dev: ls
acd0            ad0s1d          consolectl      dgdb            kbd1            mem             nfs4            ptyp1           ttyd0.init      ttyv4           ttyvc           usb
acd1            ad0s1e          ctty            dsp0.0          kbdmux0         midistat        nfslock         random          ttyd0.lock      ttyv5           ttyvd           usb0
acpi            ad0s1f          cuad0           dumpdev         klog            mixer0          null            sndstat         ttyp0           ttyv6           ttyve           usb1
ad0             ata             cuad0.init      fd              kmem            net             nvidia0         stderr          ttyp1           ttyv7           ttyvf           xpt0
ad0s1           atkbd0          cuad0.lock      fido            log             net1            nvidiactl       stdin           ttyv0           ttyv8           ugen0           zero
ad0s1a          audit           dcons           geom.ctl        lpt0            net2            pci             stdout          ttyv1           ttyv9           ugen0.1
ad0s1b          bpf0            devctl          io              lpt0.ctl        net3            ppi0            sysmouse        ttyv2           ttyva           ums0
ad0s1c          console         devstat         kbd0            mdctl           network         ptyp0           ttyd0           ttyv3           ttyvb           urandom
I know that -
The usb port functions as I have tested it with two thumb drives.
The USB Hard Drive functions, is formatted to NTFS.

How would I tell if it doesn't have an MBR? (Verify?)

EDIT - I formatted it on XP using the disk format tool, selecting NTFS and quick format.

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