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As Oko mentioned there are tons of different ways to do this. If you were saying that your web server is a VM when you said it was virtual, then you have the best situation you can have for backup. I just move a copy of my entire VM to my SAN and if things go bad, I can move it back on the server, and boot it up in 10 minutes or so. You could automate this by putting up a backup server (VM) and run a script to have it pause the VM, do the transfer, and then resume the server. You could also have the backup server rsync the web server at certain intervals, say once an hour if your data changes regularly.

On my machines, I usually set up a RAID array for my server to run on, and then I have one or more drives in the machine that are not part of the RAID volume that I use to back up the server to. This setup is good if you don't have your server running on a VM, and your backup drive can then write to tape or some other media for offsite backup without affecting the server bandwidth.

Just a few suggestions.


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