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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
No it is not. That can be accomplished with something as simple as
tar-ing directories you want to back up and transferring them to your
Mac laptop with sftp/scp.
So I could tar, say, the entire /usr filesystem and use rsync to copy it incrementally to my Mac? It really is that easy; it'll maintain permissions and ownership and such? That's… That's beautiful… I'll do some experimentation and see if that will fill the bill.

You can use more complicated solutions like rsync, Amanda or Bacula.
I investigated Bacula briefly, but was quickly scared away by its complexity. I think it does a whole lot more than I need it to do.

I personally would go with as simple as possible for the specific task I am
trying to accomplish.
Yep, that's what I'm aiming for…

Originally Posted by windependence View Post
As Oko mentioned there are tons of different ways to do this. If you were saying that your web server is a VM when you said it was virtual, then you have the best situation you can have for backup. I just move a copy of my entire VM to my SAN and if things go bad, I can move it back on the server, and boot it up in 10 minutes or so.
Well, we have access to the virtual machine, but we don't have access to the host machine. Otherwise, that would probably be the easiest solution.
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