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Originally Posted by Albright View Post
Thanks for the helpful replies so far, everyone. I've been experimenting.

I'm starting to think that just tarring everything on the remote server and then pushing the archive file isn't the best idea for the obvious reason that everything will require twice as much disk space. We're not anywhere near filling up our disk quota yet, but we plan to be at least over 50% once things really get off the ground.

I had the idea of just setting up a backup directory on my Mac and using rsync to pull the server's drive contents down daily (taking advantage of rsync's incremental file transfer to make things faster), then tarballing the directory locally when it's done. But apparently this requires remote root access to the remote server to do properly (maintaining permissions and such). I figure that if I tweak sshd_config to remove the restriction against root logging in remotely, but also disable password authentication and go strictly key-based, everything should be okay… but I'm still a bit timid about taking that step. Is this a reasonable idea?
Sure, if you go strictly key based, there will be no password prompt and unless they have your secret key, they're not getting in. This will allow cron to do it's job which with rsync should be a very short period of time once the initial backup is done.

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