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Originally Posted by raindog308 View Post
Anyone try Open or FreeBSD on an Aspire One D257 laptop?
I can only address OpenBSD. I don't use FreeBSD.

The best way of answering compatibility questions is to search through the archives of the project's misc@ mailing list.

Archives can be found on numerous sites; many are listed at the following;

Unfortunately, I did not see anything specific to a D257. However, if you read through related searches above, there is more than one occurrence of trackpad compatibility issues. I have also seen off-the-shelf Windows also have trackpad issues, so Acer must have a flunky trackpad supplier. The solution is to plug in a USB mouse.

When it comes to hardware compatibility questions, the OpenBSD project is too small to test everything available. The best method is to go to vendors with a clear return policy, & be very clear as to the conditions of that agreement before purchasing. If it works, great. If it doesn't, you have an avenue to get a refund.
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