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Does anyone know if the other BSDs support this driver? As I said, I am too new too BSD to have a preference and will use NetBSD, FreeBSD, or DragonflyBSD if they would run properly. I googled this
"list of BSD distros supporting 'Realtek RTL8192SE' drivers" and various rewordings of that, but I could not find any relevant info that I actually understood. I suppose I could, if it was the last resort, buy a USB WIFI card, but I would rather not. I dont want to run BSD on anything but my laptop because I have no real point in running it on my desktop and I just want to experiment and learn rather then repartition my desktop HDD. I hope this all makes sense because I havechronic insomnia for a few years now, very bad and have not slept in 2 days. My mind cannot focus so if I misspelled or did not convey my thought well enough I apoligize in advance. I feel like that desktop sentence was redundent but I cannot think to reword. Sorry.
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