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Originally Posted by Roydd85 View Post
Does anyone know if the other BSDs support this driver?
As far as I know, NetBSD does not support it.

I suppose I could, if it was the last resort, buy a USB WIFI card, but I would rather not.
It might be an option if you want to use WiFi, although you said the laptop was largely for learning BSD. You can learn a lot about BSD without the WiFi, and if you can use the ethernet connection, the laptop will be online which can be convenient. But buying a USB WiFi device may not be the end of the world, I've seen them advertised for under $10, possibly refurbished. You need to make every effort to be sure it's supported, and that the support actually works. It would also be good to have the option to return it if it doesn't work with BSD, although for a < $10 device that may not be crucial if you have other use for it.
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