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Default quesions regarding postfix/dovecot in a jail

I'm using FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-p6.I created a jail on this host for my mail daemons(postfix+dovecot) to live in.I followed the jail(8) man page and i also installed postfix and dovecot from the ports tree(via mount_nullfs /usr/ports $D/usr/ports). I can do:
$openssl s_client -quiet -connect
and get a response from dovecot(although when connecting from mutt on my client the jailed mailbox is always empty, due to the fact that not even the bsd mail command, when run on this freeBSD jailed system, results in mail appearing in /var/mail/user in the jail).
Also when i try to connect to the jailed postfix by doing:
$telnet myhost.mydomain 25
on the client box i get no response from postfix.I have the address of the i.p alias as the address to listen on in postfix's Also both the /etc/hosts(client and server) files list the I.P and hostname of the jailed virtual system and the client's hostname, as well as the loopback interface. Can anyone make any suggestions of what might be wrong?. Postfix starts without any error in this jail. Also i would rather do it without ezjail if at all possible.
thank you very much for any replies
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