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Originally Posted by anomie View Post
This may sound strange (and the circumstances are certainly different than your own), but FWIW when I installed FBSD 6.3 as a vmware ESX guest, I was getting "drive not found" errors until I installed the FreeBSD Boot Manager.

I know you're migrating and not installing fresh, but the symptoms of your problem are similar enough that it caught my attention.

If, as a last ditch effort before a fresh install (and after you've taken good backups), you'd like to give this a try:

# sysinstall

Configure -> Fdisk -> Q (for quit) -> BootMgr

That should install the boot manager for you, or I believe you can use boot0cfg(8) instead.

Good luck.
i know it has a boot manager in it. the problem is that 6.1B4 didnt have the proper scsi drivers to work inside ESX. 6.2 does. supposedly the code for 6.1 to work inside ESX has been "back ported" as far as 4.10 IIRC. thanks for the thought though.

currently working on extracting the 6.2 sources so i can build a kernel.

the nfs mount idea was utter failure, it kept giving me errors about the nfs server not responding fast enough or something like that. i just tar'd up the directories and scp'd them. we'll know soon enough.

so make buildkernel is also failing at random spots. i could probably sit here all night and not get it to work. im wondering if i just need to move this to a different physical server to see if that is causing the issue. problem being that physical servers dont grow on trees. *sigh*

make buildkernel is running through multiple "sections". is there any way to manually go through each section one by one? that way i dont have to test my luck running the entire script each time it fails. it got about half way through the kernel modeles this time before it failed, yet now it has to redo everything before that to try again. im trying to remove the luck factor a little bit so i dont spend the rest of my life trying to migrate this host.

apparently i just had to get pissed and give it a stern talking to, cause make buildkernel just completed. onwards.

i've successfully upgraded the physical machine that i downloaded and ran make buildworld on and it went without a hitch. i have high hopes for the rest of this migration.

thanks for the help guys, and a place to blog my thoughts.

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