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Default NIC-less FreeBSD and VMware

Hello forumgoers! I just popped by BSDForums and was surprised to see most everyone gone.

So I came along and brought the only howto I ever compiled with me (of course, after doing a touch of clean-up work and reading the thread on copying BSDForums posts being tricky business.)

BUT to the point.

I've recently purchased a new PC, and I couldn't be happier with it. But it sports an ASUS board with on-board Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet. Which is entirely not supported by FreeBSD (a driver appears to be in works, but as of May 8th, performance is poor).

Alas, I am not deterred! And was wondering... have any of you given FreeBSD a go in VMware recently (planning to use Vista as a host OS) and gotten it online that way?

I'd love nothing more to Dual-Boot Vista/FreeBSD and boot the FreeBSD partition primarily through VMware, tracking CURRENT obsessively in hopes of a better tomorrow (driver-wise of course, tracking -CURRENT for jollies isn't for the faint of heart!)

Might also be able to test some of the prospective drivers that Pyun YongHyeon has been working on too.

So, how do you think it'll work? Should I give it up before I hurt myself, or can I expect some manner of success?
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