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Default xenodm crashes frequently

- pcmanfm crash
- start xenodm
- run pcmanfm
- xenodm crashes

- elfeed crash
- start xenodm
- run elfeed & do some CPU intensive work (?)
- xenodm crashes

Elfeed has around 3500 entries & when I click page down twice in a row,
xenodm crashes. There is no crash when I limit the entries to ~500. This
is not due to memory exhaustion. Also, I frequently load 2-5x size files
to buffer & I can spam page down on them, Emacs doesn't crash.

`.elfeed/' has around 800 files.

================ files ================


I also have `ktrace' of pcmanfm when it crashes & emacs core dump when
xenodm crashed. But both have sensitive information, pcmanfm ktrace
contains whole files & emacs dump has whole buffers. I can run things on
them & send the output though.

================ versions ================

- OpenBSD 6.8
- pcmanfm 1.3.1
- GNU Emacs 27.1


openbsd-bugs thread:
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