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No errors were logged; if there had been any communication problems (cable,connector) we would have seen them here.

Attributes are a little confusing. While none of them should have anything to do with a delay during probe, some indicate disk-drive trouble, if they are at all accurate. It is unclear how accurate they are, the vendors all use different raw and normalized values.

You have a high read error rate (Attribute 1). says:
Indicates the rate of hardware read errors that occurred when reading data from a disk surface. A non-zero value indicates a problem with either the disk surface or read/write heads. Note that Seagate drives often report a raw value that is very high even on new drives, and does not thereby indicate a failure.
Your drive was manufactured by FJ, not Seagate.

Your reallocated sector count (#5) and reallocation (#196) raw values are so large I believe they are meaningless. As is your run out cancel (#203). I'm guessing the vendor doesn't use these fields as intended.

A short offline test (#smartctl -t short /dev/wd0c) will test drive electronics, and basic seek and read operations. Wait two minutes, then run #smartctl -a /dev/wd0c, look near the bottom to see if the test is successful. The long offline test will read every addressable sector on the drive.

I'm going to guess that the electronics will test without error.
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