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So, you should find documentation for your modem/router combo and see if you can enable bridge/pass-through mode and then configure OpenBSD to handle NAT and packet forwarding, and indeed, serve as a firewall.

Many combination modems support operating in this way, and it allows you a finer level of control over what enters and leaves your network.

The OpenBSD FAQ and relevant man pages can help you configure the pppoe/pppoa client, and if successful, your OpenBSD system will be directly facing the Internet and you will need to configure pf.

Originally Posted by tomp View Post
And the second one where the Modem/Router does NAT, the current BSD box is a bridge, and there's another box of some kind that does the routing.
No, again, a bridge simply passes packets in from one Ethernet interface to another, it is akin to simply connecting a cable between your modem/router and a client system. It would still be offering NAT and would be the default route for your network.

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