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Yes, you have gone off topic once again. Should you want help running qemu you should start a new thread.

Before you do that, please consider:

When you have a problem following a long-out-of-date "how to" you found somewhere in the wilds of the Internet, you have two choices: 1) contact the "how to" author, or 2) stop using the third-party "how to" and use official documentation. If you're not sure what official documentation might have been installed, try using the pkg_info(1) command with the -L option. That will list every file that was installed. You should find some OpenBSD specific documentation, as well as a man page. Use them.

When you want help with a problem and you come to us for assistance -- please try posting a useful problem report. What do you think might be missing, that someone would need in order to recreate your exact problem, or provide specific assistance?


Before posting, please, ask yourself: a) Am I posting in the right place? b) Am I posting enough information, and is that information simply and clearly worded?
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