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Your $PKG_PATH is incorrect.
It should be
If you click on the two links above, you will see that your link is a deadend. Clicking on the second link shows a list of packages one of which is pkgin.
Packages are specific to the NetBSD Release and the pkgsrc version. Every quarter a new version of pkgsrc is released. These are the currently available pkgsrc versions for the amd64 architecture. I copied them from
Parent Directory 09-Mar-2016 18:47 1kB
6.0/ 09-Jan-2017 06:22 1kB
6.0.1/ 09-Jan-2017 06:22 1kB
6.0.2/ 09-Jan-2017 06:22 1kB
6.0.3/ 09-Jan-2017 06:22 1kB
6.0.4/ 09-Jan-2017 06:22 1kB
6.0.5/ 09-Jan-2017 06:22 1kB
6.0_2016Q1/ 13-May-2016 21:51 1kB
6.0_2016Q2/ 25-Sep-2016 18:30 1kB
6.0_2016Q3/ 30-Dec-2016 00:54 1kB
6.0_2016Q4/ 09-Jan-2017 06:22 1kB
6.1/ 09-Jan-2017 12:27 1kB
6.1.1/ 09-Jan-2017 12:27 1kB
6.1.2/ 09-Jan-2017 12:27 1kB
6.1.3/ 09-Jan-2017 12:27 1kB
6.1.4/ 09-Jan-2017 12:27 1kB
6.1.5/ 09-Jan-2017 12:27 1kB
6.1_2016Q2/ 25-Sep-2016 12:38 1kB
6.1_2016Q3/ 30-Dec-2016 01:42 1kB
6.1_2016Q4/ 09-Jan-2017 12:27 1kB
7.0/ 11-Jan-2017 12:32 1kB
7.0.1/ 11-Jan-2017 12:32 1kB
7.0.2/ 11-Jan-2017 12:32 1kB
7.0_2016Q1/ 06-May-2016 18:50 1kB
7.0_2016Q2/ 25-Sep-2016 18:44 1kB
7.0_2016Q3/ 30-Nov-2016 12:57 1kB
7.0_2016Q4/ 11-Jan-2017 12:32 1kB
7.0_current/ 17-Oct-2016 16:07 0kB
README 17-Jan-2016 05:18 0kB
pkgsrc2016Q4 was just released and many packages do not presently build. I would recommend retrieving pkgin from the 7.0_2016Q3 repository. When pkgsrc_2016Q4 is deemed ready, the developers will change the links so that you can easily update. Presently 7.0 -> 7.0_2016Q3. When Q4 is ready the link will be 7.0 -> 7.0_2016Q4.

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