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Originally Posted by claxsis View Post
My PC is DELL GX60 , it's CPU 2.4G and memory 512M quite a poor system and Version of NET BSD is 6.1.5 .

First my problem is that I can not handle with binary files , because commands such as "pkg_add " are not recognized as NET BSD instruction. Every time it returned to be responded " not found" .
Could you provide with more information above the "not found" message?. It seems to me that the "not found" message is related to the package to be installed more than to the pkg_add command.

You must indicate a repository in order to get pkg_add working.

In your case, as you are from Japan:
export PKG_PATH=
Or even
export PKG_PATH=
And then you can run pkg_add (I should recommend to use the -v flag)
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