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Originally Posted by scottro View Post
I would say, at least here in the US, going partially by hearsay and partially by what I saw when job-hunting last year, as well as experience at my last job, that VMware is becoming much more common for production servers. I would (very respectfully) disagree that nothing but jails should be used for network or file servers, and would trust both KVM (on Linux, at least, haven't used it on FreeBSD in many years) or VMware in production.
We use mostly KVM (Red Hat) and more and more FreeBSD jails at my work place. I also have extensive experience with VirtualBox. While KVM has proven very stable for our use cases I am having really hard time imagining myself to run Firewall as KVM instance, LDAP server or a mail server. File server is another case where I just can't imagine anything but bare metal. One of the reasons is that we use only ZFS on file servers. VirtualBox looks like a toy but unless you are looking to squeeze performance it was good enough for simple production user cases in our experience. We still use it as a simple desktop VM to test our software with Internet Explorer (no we are not doing web development but rather very deep machine learning tools with web interfaces). I have zero experience with VMware. I am also stuck with a single Debian Xen host and one guest. The machine is set to be retired for a long time not because we are not happy with Xen but because the hardware is dying but I can't get my hands around doing it. I would be happy to remove last Debian from the place. OpenBSD, FreeBSD/TrueOS/FreeNAS plus Red Hat on computing nodes and desktops is too much diversity already.
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