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My reversion to lpd(8) includes foomatic-rip in "direct" mode, using the JetDirect port 9100.
  1. This allows me to print PDFs as well as Postscript files, and
  2. I can set print options by spool queue.
# Default printer.  Postscript or PDF only, using foomatic-rip (print/cups-filters).

lp|m451mw|HP LaserJet Pro 400 model m451mw:\

# Same printer, using No. 10 Envelope and manual feed.
# These are 4.25" high and 9.5" wide.  

env|m451mw|HP LaserJet Pro 400 model m451mw:\

/usr/local/bin/foomatic-rip --ppd /etc/foomatic/direct/hp-lj_300_400_color_m351_m451-ps.ppd

/usr/local/bin/foomatic-rip --ppd /etc/foomatic/direct/hp-lj_300_400_color_m351_m451-ps.ppd \
  -o InputSlot=Tray1_man -o PageSize=Env10
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