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Old 22nd December 2014
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Yeah, and I just realized, to my complete embarrassment, what happened last night--I am going to blame it on being tired.
As we all know the printcap file is really one long line, separated with backslashes--last night, I just blithely commented out what I was thinking of as a line--that is, I commented out the ps2pcl if line and thought the enscript one was working. It's embarrassing, but also funny, and who knows, this post might help someone avoid the same mistake, especially if they're new and don't realize what a \ in such a file would mean.

I also thought about playing with apsfilter and possibly the ppd that I was able to create on, but I can't see my needs requiring it, and am feeling lazy now that the oddness of the whole thing is solved. I figure the problems I was having may have been due to either not restarting lpd or blanking out and not realizing that commented lines weren't getting commented--I probably moved the order of the lines around and as it's one long line, probably changed from the working pf2pcl to the enscript one.

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