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Unhappy ImageMagick on OpenBSD 4.3 ... ghostscript and fonts...

Hi all,
I trying to get ImageMagick (no_x11) working on a 4.3.

I've edited the makefile to add fonts and ghostscript to the no_x11 flavor.
During the autoconfig ImageMagick is able to find EVERYTHING I need, fonts, ghostscritp, fontconfig, libGS, jpg, bzlib2, tiff etc. etc.

make && make install and I get my pkg loaded.

now .... doing:
conver label:foo test.gif

I get the error complaining about fonts missing in path "xyz", BUT all fonts are there, and I have all the pkg needed.

So checking with convert -list configure I see that in the flags it says again "--with-fonts=no" etc.....

I'm quite lost...

in the BUILD dit of the pkg, checking the configure results (configure.xml and delegates.xml).... the flag is correct : "--with-fonts=yes" and all the others delegates are correct (and available.)

Is there someone using ImageMagick on a 4.3 with no X11 ???
How did u install the pkg? is it working?

Thanks for your help.
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