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Default configuring second NIC

Originally Posted by kiimao View Post
...I have added a second network card to the PC Card slot of the laptop, and OpenBSD recognises it as "Realtech 8139" and assigns it device name "rl1"...
Total OpenBSD newb here, just popped in looking for a clue and saw this thread right at the top. I'm at a different stage of my quest, but would like to ask for some basic info:

I've just installed 4.9 to an HP Pavilion 525w (Pentium 4) to make it into a firewall using pf. The box has a nic onboard, and I need to add another.

When I installed it I left the 2nd nic out and chose dhcp just to get on my feet. It found the dhcp server and what-all so I know the nic is/was working. I went through clues I found at openbsd dot org faq6 dot html and set it up to be a static IP, which promptly made it not actually find anything. But that's not why I'm posting. I'm sure I'll be able to figure that out. But I thought I should at least get my hardware profile to where it ultimately needs to be first.

I decided to add the 2nd nic, which is an SMC 1244TX pci card. kiimao said that OpenBSD is recognizing his 2nd. Stupid question that I can't seem to find answer for: when you drop a new device into the machine, like a pci card, how do you get OpenBSD to see it?

When I run dmesg I see "rl0 at pci1 dev 13 function 0 "Realtek 8139" rev 0x10..." and a MAC address. I went ahead and wrote a hostname.rl1 in my /etc/ directory, but I assume that dmesg shows what hardware the OS is actually seeing, and that the hostname.* file will only work if there's actually something at that device name that is being recognized.

But I'm really pretty lost trying to get basics like this. I have no problem reading about this stuff, but Uncle Google seems to keep pointing me at information that assumes a certain amount of base knowledge, and searches of this forum didn't really get me anywhere either. I've installed and configured various linux dists start the first time back in about '94, so I do have some experience, it's just really pretty far back in time.

Any help appreciated.
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