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Originally Posted by mururoa View Post
I have 1 dvd reader and 1 dvd writer in my case.
The dvd reader is just not detected
Does the BIOS see both drives? It would be vary unusual that BIOS see them and that the kernel doesn't see them. You will have to post more details starting with your hardware set up. How the drives are connected
to the mother board? You said that one is SATA. Is the another SATA or IDE? If it is IDE do you have IDE hard drive on the same IDE controller with HDD and similar things? You should also post dmesg. Also post the position of the pins on the back of your drives. Muster, slave, or cable determined?

Originally Posted by mururoa View Post
The dvd writer is detected but cdrecord or k3b dont see it. However I can mount a dvd on it with mount /cdrom.
The detection is like that :
acd0: DVDR <TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223F/SB00> at ata5-slave UDMA33
This is a SATA dvd writer.
If I try to add /cdrom in k3b it just dont works (could not find).
What can I do ?
Why do you believe that you should be able to use K3b? Just because you
installed program it doesn't mean that it is configured. Can you state the configuration steps
which you undertook.

K3b is just idiotic GUI for cdrtools and dvd+rw-tools so I would suggesting
making sure that you can use those tools from the shell before trying to
configre K3b. You should start by reading

If you are not familiar with concept of permissions from Unix you should
read about that as well. You should also probably read
man pages for devfs.conf, fstab before having any chance to get it K3b to
work right.


P.S. K3b uses libmad library to convert MP3s to wav necessary for music
CDs. I am not sure what it uses to prepare mpeg-s for writing on the DVD but if I have to guess it is mplayer, ffmpeg, and DVDauthor. All those tools are far more easier to use from the command line.
If you just want thinks to work maybe you should try PCBSD.

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