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I have FreeBSD server with static IP (exml. where I have running VirtualBox with Win XP on it...with bridged interface (rl0, I need make ping from windows) and IP So I connecting from another network (exml. When on Virtual Win XP NAT device I will connect to remote desktop, by using Virtual Box NAT forwarding. But when I use Bridge interface (rl0), can't make remote desktop connection from Do I need in this case to use FreeBSD's pf.conf to forward 3389 from 201.x.x.x to though FreBSD's
PS: telneting from freebsd to virtual Win XP (telnet 23) successfully...

So, I need to connect from 201.x.x.x:3389 (remote desctop Windows, Unix etc..) (or any other network) to (with bridge rl0, to have ability run ping from windows) though FreeBSD server (
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