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This is not a help desk, Patrick. This is a user community. It's a relatively small one, too. If you wish to reach a wider OpenBSD audience, including developers of the OpenBSD Project, you will need to use the misc@ mailing list.


You have a problem with USB on three non-commercial OSes.

Free support is available from these three OS projects. That support is on a best effort basis only, providing you aid in the diagnostics of your own problem. You are unwilling to do this.

If you want your problem resolved, someone needs to debug it. Based on your unwillingness to capture diagnostic information, that won't be anyone at any of those three projects, as their best effort requires information you have stated you are unwilling to provide. You (or your company) can either do it yourselves, pay someone else to do it, or wait until, in due course -- perhaps never, if your hardware is not very popular -- someone else on the planet has the exact same problem, debugs it, a fix is developed and committed, and the fix makes it into an eventual release.

If you don't want to support your own use of a non-commercial OS, nor hire a 3rd party to do your support work for you, then select a commerical OS and hire a support contract for it, instead. Note that a commercial OS usage license is usually separate from any support contract, and said support may be on a similar best effort basis, and, typically, support contracts stipulate the customer must cooperate with the vendor and capture and supply diagnostic information.

The only difference between doing it yourself and hiring someone to do it is you may hire someone with skills and knowledge you lack. Culturally, you gain the advantage of having someone else to blame when problems are not resolved to your satisfaction. And perhaps you might even have financial leverage to get problems worked on and resolved. But there are no guarantees, even if you are a large customer of a major software vendor with deep staffing.

Good luck to you, and your company.

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