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Old 4th September 2008
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Hey Carpet, no problem at all. We two have different points of view, so what? My opinion about things like this USB-stuff is quite simple: Don't do it. I cannot risk my head using a system which will almost definitely run into severe problems. So I won't waste my time doing things like this but stick to the stuff I know it works. I have had dozens of systems with BSDs for all kind of purposes, Mail, Apache, Newsserver whatever. All worked just fine. But use them for USB? No

I got no idea, how you people work with BSDs: At home, at work, at school. Do you have a single fileserver or a 20 machine database cluster? But if you have a sales-guy, customer support, the CEO and a bunch of cutters behind you, you'd better think twice before using a "is most probably not really working 100% ok but with a bit of luck it will after a week or so of work spent on it"-system.

I am still in the situation: I need a machine with the ability to hot-swap ESATA-drives. And I came in here to ask for opinions, maybe someone has worked with external drives and knows about bugs and limitations, maybe can recommend controllers and so on. But instead of qualified opinions people send me links to hardwarelists

Oh, BSDFan, just a little note: That was my "whipcream with sugar on top"-version. I actually have no idea what you are so shocked about, just like I have no idea why you feel involved at all?

Oh well...

Back to topic, if someone really has experience, with ESATA, please tell me.
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