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Originally Posted by PatrickBaer View Post
I have had the very same problem with three different BSDs: OpenBSD, FreeBSD and PCBSD.
Not to nit-pick, but that's only 2 BSDs: PC-BSD and FreeBSD are the same OS.

The only thing they had in common: BSDl.
OpenBSD has no relation to BSDi. And very little from BSDi is in FreeBSD.

Conclusion: If I have a critical task with USB => NO BSD.
That is a valid conclusion. The existing USB stack on FreeBSD is brittle. There is a new USB stack available for testing in FreeBSD 8-CURRENT. However, it doesn't directly address this issue.

I don't know how much better/worse the USB stack on OpenBSD is.

The question remains, does anyone have experience with ESATA and is it stable with OpenBSD. Because until gettin paid for spending a week or two trying and testing if it works: No way.
There is no difference between SATA and eSATA. It is the same protocol, on the same controllers. The only difference is the physical connectors. In fact, you can just run a normal SATA cable out through a hole in the case, and you have "external SATA".

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