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Originally Posted by craze View Post
Wrong directory. The distfiles directory is used when building the port. The directory you should specify is explained in Section 15.2.2 of the FAQ.
Problem How can I install Flash Player
In general, Flash support in OpenBSD is quite weak, however, you should read through Section 13.14 of the FAQ. Another alternative is to install the gnash package, however, this is not a perfect (or totally transparent...) solution. Yes, it is common knowledge that Flash support is nearly non-existent in OpenBSD.
the problem of how can a graphics card "ATI" supported by the system? How do I view all hard ware
  • First, look at the output of dmesg(8).
  • There is also sysctl(8), but given the information presented, dmesg(8) output is what you want to focus upon.
In fact, if you want us to comment on ATI support, post the entire output of dmesg(8) here.
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