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Originally Posted by moisespedro View Post
pkg_add works fine but well I am a former Gentoo user, I like to compile stuff from source. Even knowing the binary packages works fine it is a problem that still bothers me...
While others have addressed most of the most probable issues (login.conf(5)), compiling as root is highly frowned upon. One may be able to successfully navigate builds like this for awhile, but at some point, errors can & will be made.

Section 15.3.3 discusses the general rule of ports tree preparation such that ports can be compiled as a regular user. I will even add that setting the SUDO variable to the following in mk.conf(5):

SUDO=/usr/bin/sudo -E a worthy modification to the information found in the FAQ. Source:

...but to reiterate, unless there is a specific reason to do so, -release users have few reasons to compile from the ports tree. Use packages instead.
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