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I use social media, but rarely interact with social media. I use it because it's become the place where friends and family communicate. Aside from responding to a few messages and invites though - I'm pretty-much "read only".

Here's a few examples of how I use the larger platforms:

Facebook: Primary place where my family communicates. Not just through posts, but messenger, event invites (such as holiday dinners etc). It's annoying, but I use this as a read-only tool. I don't post cat videos, or pictures of my dinner (no matter how appetizing).

Twitter: I read mostly, and interact with a few accounts I follow. I've tried posting, and sharing - but frankly, I'm not interesting enough

Instagram: I started out with this because I thought I'd get deeper into photography than I did. In the end, there is a different subset of friends on here who share funny or strange photos of things they find in their travels, and I recently posted a screenshot of Debian 9 asking me to load a firmware disk, which I thought was fun to see in 2019.

LinkedIn: This is where I let head-hunters... I mean, recruiters, contact me if they have opportunities for me. I haven't accepted any in 20 years, but that, making industry contacts and other "business-y" stuff is it's purpose for me.

Reddit: If I don't find it on Google, I look here quickly first.

Mastodon: I got a Mastodon account when SDF was advertising theirs - logged on once, and didn't really give it a fair shot. It just looked like a less busy Facebook/Twitter variant.

I don't know if this was helpful, but I can at least be one more statistical answer

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