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Originally Posted by scottro View Post
Hrrm, I think at this point on the Fedora or Ubuntu forums, the thread would be closed by moderators (hint, hint).
Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
Or we could just appeal to all participants to take a step back, take a deep breath, and leave it alone at least for a few days ... So that things can calm down ...

I think this thread is healthy if not productive, although you could say I prefer to limit my involvement... That's for my own tastes not because it's out of hand or anything.

One thing people have to remember is this is not face to face chat, it is an internet forum -- it's easy to take things a different way then was intended and the like. That's probably one reason at times I tend to be, ehh more careful with my choice of words.

As long as people don't take stuff personally and assume the best intent, the thread will probably stay health.

And any really stubborn people can always meet up later IRL and have a brawl if necessary >_>
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