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I finally got a wireless gateway for use with my laptop. Here is the security I currently have:

1) ssid name is unusual - 7-8 characters - mix of caps, lowercase, numbers, control characters
2) ssid broadcast turned off
3) using WPA-PSK (wpa_supplicant on NetBSD didn't seem to like WPA2-PSK - gateway doesn't support Enterprise)
4) passcode is 24 characters - mix of caps, lowercase, and numbers (didn't like it when I put control characters in there, so I left them out)
5) gateway has built-in firewall (for whatever good there default setup is)
6) using MAC filtering where my laptop's MAC is the only one allowed on the wireless

I'm planning to setup my own firewall (probably PF, once I have time to learn how to configure it) in the future, but for now, is that decent security? Anything else I can do?
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