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Originally Posted by peenworm View Post
This to me is incredible. I've worked for many years in BSD-only shops but I would think anybody involved with x86 unices would have at least heard of BSD.
I don't find it shocking in the least; having been doing the "Linux thing" from a young age (ca. 12 years' old) I never heard about BSDs until I was taking a look-see at a year-or-so ago. I have often seen BSDs played out as, "It's like Linux but not [as good]..."

IMHO, BSDs do lag behind Linux a little bit, but only in terms of popularity and, thus, drivers. As far as stability goes, BSDs win; at a recent job interview, they asked me if I knew Linux and what I thought of it; I explained that I am seceding from the Linux world and moving into BSDs, and while there's nothing wrong with Linux, the "religion" behind Linux and the GPL aren't to my liking. On the same note as the "stability" comment; I find it terribly easy to corrupt a Linux system - you just have to poke it a few times...and they are slowly getting to the Windows-level of automation (packages and such)...and it's really beginning to show signs of suffering. The last few times I have had to re-install Linux, was because an "apt-get upgrade" or "slackpkg upgrade-all" went awry and bricked my system.
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