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Default [Solved]Connecting to internet via adsl router

My network at work uses static ip addresses and a class A mask (10.x.x.x

The network has a Netgear DG 834G adsl/modem/router which the Windows systems use to access the internet. In the Windows TCP/IP properties boxes I find the following: IP address 10.0.0.nnn; subnet mask; default gateway; preferred DNS server

I'm trying to access the FreeBSd ftp site to update my ports tree but I cannot reach the internet.

I've reviewed the relevant sections in Handbook and searched and Google but I'm having trouble seperating the information out.

Using sysinstall I've set the network interface to, the IPv4 gateway to; nameserver to

I can ping other systems on the lan.

So, finally, what steps have I missed out in the configuration, and where could I have found this information myself? TIA.

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