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Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
It sounds like you are thinking sysmerge(8) downloads files from elsewhere -- getting the latest available. This isn't what sysmerge does, nor is this the intended problem sysmerge addresses.

sysmerge(8) does all work locally. It saves changes to common configuration files (usually those residing in /etc...) in a temporary directory, & points out differences to those configuration files already in use. sysmerge also will merge the differences at your direction. The problem sysmerge addresses is that new configuration files may leave the system in an unknown state, so instead of the upgrade process leaving you with a non-working system, the Perl script points out what differences exist, & allows you to make the configuration changes whenever you choose.

So if you installed a snapshot three weeks ago, & tomorrow decide to deal with the differences in configuration files, everything that is needed already resides on your filesystem. Nothing more is going to be downloaded.
Yes, I had already updated my system and my understanding was if any configuration changes it would be wise to run sysmerge after upgrading to -current in order to keep configurations correct?

But as you said I am free to make the adjustment when I deem fit, thank you.
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