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I'm pretty sure you're wrong

Originally Posted by TerryP
Originally Posted by 18Googol2
The card looks very old too me. Investing a few bucks on a PCI gigabit NIC is not a bad idea (should be ~$10 posted)
It was free and it works well, so I ain't gonna complain about age ;-) Most NICs I've seen here start are like ~$20 to $50 and my equipment here has 100mb for the lowest common denominator. So no point in upgrading, I just spent for 3 * ral(4) cards.
His card looks like a 3C905C (a.k.a Fast Etherlink), which are pretty good/high quality cards, all my machines at home use this NIC, and almost all our machines at my old job used them, I never had a problem with any of them (performance or stability-wise).
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