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I actually do this now. I have an OBSD 4.3 box NAT'ing my desktop to my ADSL router using a single NIC. The OBSD box and the desktop talk to each other via the 4 port switch built into the ADSL router (which is also how the OBSD box talks to the ADSL router.) In my production environment at work I would never recommend this. However, this is my home, and the double traffic isn't detrimental at such low levels... just cuts down the effective bandwidth that can be utilized in half.

My ADSL router LAN address is My OBSD box is and (with default gateway of My desktop is (with default gateway of, and the NAT address it uses is

Here's my OBSD configuration-

inet NONE
inet alias
inet alias NONE
desk1_ext = ""
desk1_int = ""
binat on $ext_if from $desk1_int to any -> $desk1_ext
With this setup I use Snort (with BASE) as an IDS. It works nicely!
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