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Because it was the "geeky cool" thing back then; you could hex edit your disk into booting Linux, and build your own custom unix system on cheapo hardware, what could be cooler then that?

Because of the infiltration of geekdom and subsequent infiltration of a portion enterprise systems, for most people its "Windows, Linux, and baby Mac", unless your idea of an OS means Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7


Who will foot the bill? And if no one, what coders on the Flash product care to port it in their free time (this is IMHO)


To many GNU/Linux users that I have met, vi is vim, Linux is the OS, Linux is the Unix, always was and always will be. To any competent Linux user I've met, they generally know that there is a difference between Linux and Unix, and usually know of a few BSDs.


I assume curiosity.

History aside, FreeBSD is not a *real* UNIX, but is probably more fun then some real UNIX systems ;-)
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