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Resurrecting the thread with a question about -current.

So far, I'm updating with bsd.rd and the laptop still survives.

Now, with the 5.0 release, I'm somehow confused with the sysmerge utility (even if now it's automated at the end of each update). Let's say that I want to update from 4.9 -current to 5.0 and I choose to manually sysmerge /etc. Im going to give
sysmerge -s ftp://ftp.address/arch/etc50.tgz -x ftp://ftp.address/arch/xetc50.tgz

I read sysmerge man page, but I cannot understand completely the comparison. It compares the new /etc against the old one. But why do we need to specify two etc (etc/xetc) paths?

Perhaps a noob question, but I feel the urge to learn that...
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