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Originally Posted by PrinceCruise View Post
I don't want to speak on their behalf, but Linux users are neither excited about HAMMER nor had any issues with ZFS to see it as an imbalance. ZFSOnLinux port wasn't created for no reason.
This is closer to my experience with Linux users. I was the only Linux user (used slackware for a while last year) I ever met who wanted hammer. I don't think many Linux users know much about it other than as something like btrfs or ZFS that runs on something called DragonFlyBSD, and you're lucky if they've even heard of DragonFly. Justin Sherrill's done a great job with his news summaries in publicizing DragonFly by being compelling even to non-DragonFly users, but my feeling is that he hasn't yet broken out beyond BSD users. (Not to say that's even his goal, but it could happen eventually I'd guess. There just aren't that many really good tech. news aggregators.)

What I've also come across is lack of interest in any FS in this category among home users and hobbiests, the feeling being that these features are only relevant to servers. I've also seen less interest in ZFS than in btrfs and simultaneous slagging of btrfs.

I second the sentiment that it would be really cool to see hammer (I or II) ported to other BSDs, particularly OpenBSD.

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