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Default AMD smacks Xeon 5600s with Opteron 6200s


Analysis Advanced Micro Devices is currently winning the core count battle in the x86 server-chip war with the just-announced and now shipping "Interlagos" Opteron 6200s, which cram 16 cores into a big fat G34 socket. That's the same G34 socket that the prior generation Opteron 6100s used, so adopting the new chip is a snap for those server makers who did Opteron 6100 boxes. Ditto for the forthcoming Opteron 4200s, which plug into the existing C32 sockets.

AMD is the only remaining maker of chipsets for the Opteron line after the exit of other players, including Broadcom, Nvidia, and the formerly independent ATI Technologies, which was acquired by AMD more than five years ago.
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